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Wednesday, July 19, 2017


What Edward Kennedy did to Mary Jo Kopechne under that Chappaquiddick bridge was awful, and I have made many a mordant joke at his expense over the decades. I always thought the Kennedy cult in Boston suburbia was creepy, and as you might guess I don't much agree with Kennedy politics either. Edward's career as whole shows he was a bad man with no loyalty to the American people. And this blog has historically cared more about that drunken namesake across the pond. It was 18 July as of the moment I write all this (I am front-dating it because I already posted much stuff for one day) so, the Incident is being noted again. With moralism.

This week, for whatever reason, I am not feeling the urge to hurl stones at Ted's jamra. I ask my readers to look in the mirror and question the face looking back at them, what they would have done. Consider when you do so how you have acted in similar situations.

The later Kennedy boys grew up in a family where most of the women 'roundabout were whores. They liked their money, power, and fame and were pretty loose about how they got it. I'm sure Kopechne had her reasons for getting into that car alone with the Heir To The Crown. I'm unsure they were good reasons.

When a man doesn't meet many good women, but meets plenty of bad ones, it does things to his head. If he's been brought up with a lot of "Camelot" bullshit I imagine it's worse. Worse still if he's been told he is the fourth best hope for the family. (People know Jack and Bobby; they sometimes forget Joe Junior.)

Incidents like Chappaquiddick can happen over mere moments: one bad call and your options narrow, sharply. Maybe you had time to save her. Maybe you didn't. Maybe you had the chance and you spent fifteen seconds too long to make up your mind. Or ten. Or five. Which timespan do you think qualifies one as a bad man?

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Netflix doing well

The Wall Street Journal reports that Netflix is doing well. (I am not linking, because of that ironic paywall. So here's Steve's former Unz housemate Razib again.)

I was on Netflix my last year or so in Houston (2009ish). I'd rent the DVD and in between getting the DVD I'd go to Redbox. I caught up on a lot of movies this way. Then I moved and was living the Hobo Lifestyle for eleven months, so had to cancel the subscription; and around this time, coincidentally, came the Great Fail when Netflix moved online and changed their pricing model. So I never bothered re-upping.

Lately I've noticed Netflix producing their own movies and tv-series: stuff like 13 Reasons and, lately, Death Note. Stuff aimed at latter-year high school kids, and college undergrads.

If you do this semi-competently - Mean Girls comes to mind - you don't lose money.

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Trump: have a chat with Sessions plz

Jeff Sessions is a creature of the 1980s deepfrozen and now revived into a high post in a Republican Cabinet. This isn't as great as it sounds.

Sessions wants an end to legal marijuana, which legalisation I voted for (although I don't inhale); he wants DARE back, which didn't work at the time; and now he's going for asset-forfeiture.

I am not saying that Sessions is all bad. I like his work against Mara Salvatrucha, especially. I am also not disputing the scourge of escapist self-medication, particularly in the Upper Midwest. I am saying that his DRUG WAR HOO-AH attitude is stupid. It isn't what Trump's base voted for, at least not in reference to Reefer Madness, and it's not going to hurt Trump's enemies. A few raids gone bad and Trump's enemies are more likely to gain some new recruits.

So I would like our President to talk with this guy and to tell him to, like, mellow out, dude.

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Tap water

The rundown on Eurasia: if you're in the West, you can Drink The Water. The West for our purposes includes Israel, South Korea, Japan, and certain citystates like Brunei and Singapore. (link from hbd chick)

I note here that Hungary is not a Western nation; which might be a point of pride to this Finno-Ugric people, if it pertained to anything else. Ditto those Serbs. They need to get on the ball here and clean sh!t up - literally. Also, there aren't any African countries with safe water. Something tells me matters were better in the 1970s in two (southern) African countries in particular, but... well, I'm legally obliged to say no more.

From my personal perspective, I never drank from the tap in Houston if I could avoid it; and I always told them to hold the ice in my drinks. I didn't care if the State and Federal inspectors assured me it was safe; I didn't believe them. After I moved to Boulder County - now, I drink from the tap all the time.

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Aliens on Mars

Dana Rohrabacher is asking the wrong question. [h/t Razib hat-tipping some twitter timewaster.]

If there ever was life on Mars and it had reached by itself a civilisation, we would see a preponderance of evidence in the form of tel(l)s. Up to the early 1990s we hadn't sent rovers, just those stationary Viking probes; so this was still an askable question. This is not the case now.

The question to ask now is: if there is alien evidence on Mars. Not indigenous Martian civilisation, but colonies planted at pinpoint sites on the frozen anoxic desert. Colonies from Wolf 128, say.

Yeah, I am a Starflight fanboy, shut up.

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Monday, July 17, 2017

Aslan did not visit Charn

Where we left off on CS Lewis' The Magician's Nephew, I noted a lack of evidence that Aslan had ever visited the world Charn. I also noted that Charn was a land of Lilith's children, or at least that Charn lay under their rule. Lewis tells us in that first book that Jadis was a lilitiya. Lewis implies the same of her sister and their most-relevant ancestors.

I left with the question whether Aslan ever preached to the Children Of Lilith. I may have the answer: Lewis, accepting Jewish tradition, had read further into its implications. In Judaism, the mainline are sons of Adam. This includes Jews, Samaritans to an extent, and maybe Esau / Edom. It doesn't include those other gentiles.

But, I hear you interject, it says right there in Genesis that we're all sons of Adam. Even in the Tradition monsters like Jadis are from Adam; so what gives? Well, that part of the Bible wasn't written for you; it was written for Iron Age Semites, and in Semitic culture there are sons and there are sons. The heirs, natural-born or not, are marked as Ben or Bar or Bin or what have you. The physically-begotten children are, in Arabic anyway, Walad. Robin Hobb would term that last a "fitz" - an acknowledged natural-born son who is not the heir.

Ishmael is the Bible's most famous fitz, born to Abraham and his Handmaid. Those born to the Adam-Lilith union follow the Ishmaelite pattern. The Banu / Bnai Abraham are the heirs of Isaac; those others are just Walad.

The citizens / subjects of Charn are para-human, in this logic. Aslan won't minister to Charn any more than He would minister to the local zoo.

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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Decolonialising Guam

Guam is eyeing the exits. A native raises a good point: A process of decolonisation that must follow the rules of the coloniser is not decolonisation, it is an extension of colonisation.

The facts are that Guam is "Austronesian", a Chamorro island. But as these things go, like on Fiji and on Hawaii, the 'Nesians aren't the majority in their own homes anymore. Some have offered for the Chamorro to retake at least the franchise but, of course, this was deemed "racist". Funny how that "racism" slur always serves the American ruling-class: against Chamorro there, against whites here...

If we weren't worried about "racism", the way forward be clear - stick Guam with Hawaii. If anyone in Guam is on Federal aid and they're not native 'Nesian, extract them from the island and repatriate them elsewhere.

'Merka still keeps the Naval base, which we need. The working Chamorro are free of at least the non-native deadwood. Hawaii deals with the social problems left over.

Actually the non-Polynesian deadbeats in Hawaii, too, should be hauled off those islands. The US guarantees that no citizen shall starve - fine. Why should Federal taxes be levied to house bums on a damn tropical resort?

AFTER LOOKING AT STATS 10:30 PM: Hello First-Nation visitors. I think you'd shown up before I posted this post, but I didn't know so... synchronicity.

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