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Monday, December 11, 2017

The Rohingya are at war with us

We got bombed (incompetently) by the ISIS fan-club. (ISIS itself no longer really exists anymore.) The man was from "Bangladesh" and he had a beef about us bombing his people.

When I heard that, I immediately thought - no way is this guy a standard-issue Bengali. He's probably from the Islamist segment of the Bangladesh - India - Burma matrix. He's from Chittagong.

What can I say. Called it.

Let us not shed a tear for The Plight.

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Sunday, December 10, 2017

But but but the Shi'a are almost Christians

Jordan Schachtel quotes a pro-Iranian Hezbollard: Merry Christmas for the Right has become what Allahu Akbar has become for Jihadis, a normally pleasant expression co-opted as a mean and sinister rallying cry to make themselves superior to others.

I eagerly await how Arash Karami will, next, explain God is the greatest death to America Death to Israel Damn the Jews Victory for Islam. Perhaps it's the purest expression of the sentiment of the Founding Fathers.

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Il est Dave Weigel

Professor Jarviss is a lying, unethical arrogant status-climbing hack and has been for maybe a decade.

Je n'ai le dit pas; il a le dit.

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How come Comcast has to be net-neutral, and Google doesn't?

So asks Roger Stone. Obama's "net neutrality" affected the providers of bandwidth; it did not affect the providers of content. Google - which ran the Obama Administration puppet-show, even more than the deep-state did - exempted itself from the rules it had Obama impose upon its carriers. We got a "fairness doctrine" imposed on the ISPs, in effect; leaving the content-providers free to censor the crap out of the rest of us.

Disclosure: the House of David is a Google-hosted blog since Google bought out Pyra, and since 2011 Google Docs/Drive has hosted the, what, 46 files on early Islam I got, too. Amazon is also affected; this corporation hosts the books I've been selling. Still. They're more wrong, and the ISPs are more right.

Stone concludes by agreeing with Trump's decision to dump those corrupt and one-sided rules. At base, I agree with Stone, because bad laws need to be dumped.

If anyone wants to bring up MUH NET NEUTRALITY again, let them bring up a fair version of it, that applies also to Google and Amazon. Until then I just don't care to bother.

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Saturday, December 09, 2017

Out of... Iran?

The map of human migrations is getting a rewrite. There's still a 70kya date on the arrival at the Sunda Strait, and thence Australia; still 45kya for central Asia; still 40kya for Korea. But now they are talking about 100kya for the Ganges.

Perhaps the earlier human settlements on meeting the Denisovans and Neanders just... stayed there, and joined them. This might have helped those latter para-human populations survive diseases and maybe got them a little more wise in the world.

Until that last and most effective Out Of Africa movement which shunted them aside. But since the now-hybrid Neanders and Denisovans were, now, hybrid, they were now better-able to marry into our branch of the family tree.

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Inbreeding and cultural arrogance

Today the West - behind the Hajnal Line - believes in outbreeding, as far as possible, to preserve from genetic mutations. The Jews have learnt to do this as well, as best an insular and small population can. The Near East is another story; North Africa has taken on traits of the Near East. hbd*chick tweets about this stuff all the time.

In antiquity, the Christian Greeks drew up a graph-based computer-sciencey algorithm counting the steps in the shared lineage before they'd let your cousin become a kissin' cousin: Kaldellis, 10. They also noticed that the Iranians didn't have this taboo. Agathius called them out on flat-out incest: Kaldellis, 166; although I'd personally doubt that as extreme. The Copts and Ptolemies were famously inbred as well, although here I detect indications that later Ptolemies figured it out and restarted outbreeding (with Copts). Hence, that last Cleopatra: not ugly, an idiot, or mad. (Although still not a Nube.)

It strikes me that inbreeding is a noble vice. It is done when a powerful family has weak sons or no sons, but only daughters - and about them, who cares. Pimping the latter out to related sons keeps the inheritance out of the proletariat. This certainly explains ancient Egypt and the Ptolemies, and likely Iran as well. The Umayyads, too. (Well, the earlier ones. The later ones outbred. So did the 'Abbasids.)

The Arabs, unfortunately, were Islamic. They had inherited a Torah and, then, Qur'an declaring the Ishmaelid family the chosen one. So the Arab elite turned Patriarchal-era inbreeding into a pious example. Like - perhaps - the Persians had done.

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The making of a West-hater

I overheard a conversation at an office last week. On one side, an Ashkenazi fellow; on the other, a nice local liberal shiksa. For the former I'd bet on the Galician side of the gefilte divide, where I am a Littvak. He had the politics you'd expect, which... aren't mine. This office being big on Inclusion, of course his opinions - both of their opinions - are more tolerated than are mine. I am not concerned with Mr Galitsye's opinions so much as with whence he got them. His opinions weren't from organ failure brought on by too much sugar in the fish...

Galitsye's take was how Matt Stone described it in the first Christmas South Park. Shiksa's initial take was that we're diverse, but Galitsye wasn't having that. For Galitsye, America is a Christian nation, and he resents that. Stone and Galitsye agree: it hurts to be a young Jew during the Christmas season. Galitsye mentioned, how do you explain Y NO X MAS to a five year old.

Purely out of a tikkun-olam drive - I am nothing if not helpful - I can suggest a few explanations for the Jewish parent to try out, depending on situation. A Zionist (I am a Zionist) could say - we are Israelis at heart, and we choose to live in a Christian nation, so there are some celebrations we can take part in, but others we have to downplay. A diaspora Jew like Katzenelson could get spiritual, and invoke the Jerusalem Across Time. Such would say that the Lord Of Isaac hath chosen us to live by certain rules that keep us apart. Anyway I am not Jewish by religion, and barely so by culture. My point is that - if I do say so myself - these lines of discussion explain the situation, are easy to understand, don't violate any Jewish tenets, don't frighten the gentiles, and don't hurt the five year old's feelings. Any rabbi worth his shawl could come up with more reasoned and eloquent comments.

I would raise, here, that these aren't so difficult for a Jewish parent to provide, either. When a Jew just gets morose and says, sorry, that's just how we have to do things, America is unfair; that's bad enough. When a parent tells his child that, the child is going to make his or her own conclusions. One possibility is that the child will abandon the faith and assimilate to the prevailing culture. (Better practice that sheva-stance at the yoga classes.) Another possibility is that the child stay "Jewish"... as a position of opposition against American Christianity, and not much else. Such'll go Kyle's-Mom Broflovski and generally set out to meddle, to make Americans live up to American standards. To Heal The World.

(As for Shiksa - meh. You say what your employer tells you to say. Can't blame you.)

To sum up, parents like Galitsye are raising children who aren't even thoughtfully Jewish, but simple antiChristians. And the pity-play with Hypothetical Five Year Old Child isn't doing their people any good either.

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The Fur Road

No, morons; not Michelle Obama's Landing Strip™...

The so-called Uralic or Finno-Ugric languages form a continuum from Lapland down to Estonia, and thence eastward deep into the northern parts of European Russia. They are related to Samoyedic; another ancient sister might have contributed to proto-Indo-European. They share a number of traits amongst which are some sporadic intrusions from - mainly - old Iranian, presumably Scythian. (Samoyedic does not.)

Johanna Nichols, who really should be better known (she popularised the 'residual zone' concept in 1992) has a theory on why the great spread of this language-family along the north. She notes that a long shared language is uncommon for northern taiga-peoples; and that Uralic is a fairly young language-family (besides Samoyedic). Where the same language spreads out, like amongst the Inuit, some rationale must be brought. The Inuit of course had the Arctic Sea. But the Uralics - however much they enjoy the chill - are not Esquimaux. They are forest people, not steppe and tundra.

Nichols believes the best analogy is amongst trappers in northern North America after the French showed up. European fur-demand created a market, outside the taiga, for the hides of taiga-dwelling furry mammals. As now, so then: the same market existed in Europe before the New World.

In Eurasia - says Nichols - this was the Fur Road; a riverine culture of trappers, speaking the same or at least mutually-intelligible languages. Beforehand hardly anyone had a reason to sit out the winters this far north.

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Friday, December 08, 2017

Two-dimensional map of the British Isles

Here's Razib on the British Isles, pasting the map.

I'll leave to others to explain how Ulstermen belong more to Scotland than to Ireland. Or how the Border Ruffians don't belong to anyone.

I am, you know, me but my male-line would end up in the BWA cluster: Mercia, as an attachment to heartland Saxon England. Much like Devon... except that our Cornwall is detached from us.

South Wales is the genetic direction to which we point. It feels like we West Midlanders should be more South-Welsh. It seems we have been flooded with Saxons over the past millennium. Also we had Offa's Dyke between us and the Welsh - which mostly protected the Welsh, who then knew what to do with any errant Saxons they found on their side of it. There never was any such barrier between West-Saxons and Cornish.

North Wales, now... THAT is not only an Orkneylike island relative to the cluster, but on the Orkney side of the cluster! If the Dogger Bank was known still to exist as an island I'd expect its natives to look like that. Hunter-gatherer relic?

UPDATE 12/11 - After running a full post on this topic, Razib says he's done. Nah. He won't be able to quit us. There is much left to be said on this sceptre'd isle still; the languages, the folktales. Genetics will have to be enlisted in this endeavour.

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Wednesday, December 06, 2017

If not now... then whenever

Reformjews, meaning ex-Jews, had a problem. On the one hand they pretend to be Jews with their capital in Jerusalem. Even an Israeli patriot could argue that Jerusalem is no biggie; for instance, a Samaritan could claim Gerizim instead, with textual support at that. But Reformjews claim to be Jews; they claim to be of Jerusalem. So what to do?

What to do was to do what Reformjews do best: kvetch. Oy vey iz mir, the timing. Better to kvetch, than to allow that Trump had done what they'd claimed to be praying for, ever since the United States was founded, centuries ago.

I'll add one more point: I was, personally, wrong about Trump. I didn't think he was going to do it. Last May I'd heard about the tiiiiming and the proooocess, just like it was the tiiiiming and the proooocess under Clinton and the Bushes.

I'd add, for the elder Bush, that he had a reason for breaking that promise - not an excuse, like his raising of taxes had excuses, but in this case a valid reason. James Baker delivered that reason: fuck 'em, they didn't vote for us.And the Reformjews got all offended and kvetched about that, too. As if they had a case.

Trump didn't owe the Reformjews a damned thing. He just did what was right because it was right and he promised to do it.

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The Toledoth Yeshu: a summary for pantomime

The Jews maintained an oral tradition against Jesus, wherever it was safe to do so - such as sixth-century Iraq. There's also a strange text called "Genealogies of Jesus", which intersects this tradition. It sort-of looks like a parody of the Christian Gospel, but it bears some stark divergences, such that... yo, where are you getting all this from. But now I have an idea whence it came.

Under the last pagan emperors in the West, the pantomime was a popular entertainment. The Christians, then as now, found their beliefs subject to parody: John Malalas, 12.50 apud Kaldellis, 116. Much the same parodies found in Jewish texts also appear in philosophical broadsides, such as Celsus.

So, if you want to know how come the Toledoth diverges so much from the Gospel, consider that it might not ever have been intended literally. The ur-text was probably a libretto; a general guide for the plot, upon which the mimes would improvise.

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Monday, December 04, 2017

Upload #162: the reaping

Last January I'd uploaded "Fire On The Mountain" about sura 52. In the process I'd caught some 52/68 links. I hadn't looked at sura 68 ("N") much, but it looked generally-apocalyptic. So I deemed it early and basically dumped those links in there as 68>52.

I went back to that project this afternoon, and looked into sura 68. Turns out: sura 68 refers to the Sheba legend, "the day your legs are bared" - in sura 27's language. So sura 68 is NOT early. In fact it likely cites suras 21 and 37 as well. So I've purged that "Mountain" project of most of its sura 68 links and, instead, posted a new project (yay!): "The Barren Garden". The chain will then go: 52 > 68 > 70.

I think "Q" - sura 50 - cites "N" as well; so, that's an addition. Also sura 16 so, "Plots Against The Qurra".

I added some comments on sulṭân mubîn to "New Plague", "Reformer", and "Provision". "Ararat Tax" got a tweak too.


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Sunday, December 03, 2017

The Circassians: too cute to live

I recently picked up Professor-of-Classics Anthony Kaldellis, A Cabinet of Byzantine Curiosities.

To disclose: I have been unkind to Dr Kaldellis in a few posts here. He still, alas, thinks it's cool to snipe at "Orientalism". I can also nitpick on p.34: in Greek, a giraffe is called a camel-leopard. No; I have read my Poe, and the Hellenising synonym for giraffe is camelo-pard, a spotted camel; like a leo-pard is a spotted lion. And shame on you for transmitting others' mistakes after you have castigated scholars for just that in p. 14.

That aside: this Cabinet is filled with excellence. I wholly recommend it. But I hadn't set out this post for a book report. I want to discuss Abasgian eunuchs, pp. 58-9.

Kaldellis here is citing Procopius, Wars 8.3.15-20; accurately, according to this pdf. Here, the Abasgians are subject to the Lazi. The Lazi were apparently la-Zan Georgians, cousins to the Kartveli across the "Iberian" hills at Tblisi. "Abasgia" looks like Abkhazia to most modern readers.

At any rate everyone agrees that the Abasgians have produced some very cute young boys. Greeks being... Greeks, there's a market for that. So the Lazi and their clients in Abasgia kidnap these boys, slay their fathers if they can find them, and sell the boys to the Greeks as eunuchs.

Further northwest along the Black Sea, the Circassians once lived. These were also North West Caucasian. When the Ottomans took over Anatolia they used to plunder that place for their women.

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The mediaeval Ossetia

There are three Caucasian nations who were literate in Late Antiquity: the "Armenian" Hayots', the "Georgian" / "Iberian" Kartvelians, and the "Albanian" Udi. At this time the Caucasus was surrounded by Iranians on three sides: some literate, like the Persians; others not so much, like the Scythians. Iranian culture and Iranian people entered the Caucasus, in a big way. In the 300s AD the Hayots' became literate too, and spread their own loanwords into the other Caucasians, starting with the Kartvelians and Udi.

The Ossetes are the main Iranic colony in the Caucasus. They are not Persian, nor even Kurdish; it is thought that they descend from the Scythians, and are their last survivor. (Likewise the Hayots' are the colony and last survivor of Phrygia.) The Ossetes joined in a Sprachbund with the Caucasians, which should surprise precisely nobody.

David Erschler, about seven years ago, has gone further: the Ossetians narrowly orbited the "South Caucasian" languages. This has to mean Kartvelians.

Since the Scythians as a whole are presented as living in the Crimea and Ukraine, I would have expected more influence from the Slavs, Circassians, Dagestanis - any of them. That they did not implies a small band of Scythians who left before these nations absorbed the greater Scythia. The Scythians left behind, meanwhile, left a legacy in ancient Slavic.

Armenia was king of the southern Caucasus for millennia after the Hayots' arrival there. Any subsequent intruders into the Caucasus should have been influenced by Hayots': like Udi - a Lezgic intrusion, from Dagestan - was influenced by Hayots'; like "Romany" Gypsies. But the Ossetes weren't.

Over the 700s, Armenia was beaten down by the Arabs. Later in the 800s, a Bagratuni cadet branch came north to Kartvelian (and Abkhaz) territory and made deals with the Greeks, then clawing their way back to great-power status. This dynasty founded the Georgian kingdom; which came to acquire prestige to match or even exceed the Armenian kingdom.

It looks to me like the Ossetes came, not to ill-defined "Caucasia", but to the Georgian kingdom specifically. Its "Bagrationi" kings were foreigners and they already sheltered a multiethnic set of subjects, starting with Kartvelians and Abkhaz. They took in some Gypsies too as I recall. It seems a good context for them to accept Ossetes as well.

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The spoken Hebrew of Judaea

The Canaani languages have been in continual use from the Bronze Age. One form of it, Hebrew, was however not in continual spoken use. All Christians are taught by rote that Jesus Spoke Aramaic You Know.

Uri Mor presents some evidence that a form of Hebrew, under heavy influence from Aramaic, was in use by the common people of the Dead Sea. Now, Aaron Koller presents some more: that Mishnaic Hebrew, also, had its roots in a spoken language of the Herodian Era. Its core was paraBiblical Northern Hebrew, but with secondary influences of its own: Canaanite and Greek, mainly. It was spoken in the Shephelah, the coast.

Both dialects had a good deal of mutual intercomprehensibility and in any case they had the literary Hebrew standard to fall back on where necessary. Rather like... English! In any case, the Bar Kockba Revolt happened. That was the end of Dead Sea Hebrew; coastal Hebrew, meanwhile, migrated back up the hills to the Galilee. Its speakers had no real need to communicate across dialects that didn't anymore exist so they just taught their students Mishnah in the Hebrew they spoke at home. Thus: Mishnaic Hebrew.

As for Jesus: Galilee is some way north of both dialects, and a Jew had to cross the Samaritan country to get there. So, yeah: Aramaic-speaking members of the Jewish religion. Probably Maccabaean-era converts.

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Saturday, December 02, 2017

Why Neander DNA was toxic

It's been noted amongst us Eurasians that our ancestry is partly Neander... but not very Neander. Our ancestors from the distant past had much more of this outsider genome than we have. It was then found that Neander-infused stretches of DNA, in modern humans, have been selected-against. Some observers have wondered if this DNA was "toxic".

Well: now we know (h/t Razib). The DNA we got from Neanders bore a "genetic load". I had to look this up - it doesn't mean the stuff that decorates Monica Lewinsky's wardrobe. It means hazardous mutations that you don't want. Like Tay Sachs.

Neanders were bottlenecked wherever they settled. If it hadn't been humanity what did them in, it would have been their own inbreeding and refusal to expand their range(s).

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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Busty lesbian pron post!

Wokie Leaks (Not) hates trads. By which he means, religious (mainly Cathodox) traditionalists who pollute their twitter feeds with high-handed unsourced comments against teh pr0nz.

(Classical reference.)

I am not here to say that pornography is Ay-Oh-Kay: neither for those who make it; nor, for those who consume it. The former are prostitutes, male and female. The latter are losers, in this world and - likely - the next.

But !Wokie is right. Especially if one is actually employed as an academic ... is it too much to show an actual study with statistics on this causal link, between pornography and violence? The anecdotal link between pornography and "ewww.... ICK!" does not count as scientific. Professor.

And it is damned easy for one who is happily married to a member of the opposite sex to comment upon the SICK PERVERSIONS of those who are not. There's wisdom, in that link, from over a decade ago. It's possible that similar notions have been mooted almost two millennia ago.

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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The Mazices

Nature: Whole Y-chromosome sequences reveal an extremely recent origin of the most common North African paternal lineage E-M183 (M81). They're talking the first millennium BC.

E-M183's are found in the Canaries too. We know that the Carthaginians and Romans visited. Neither sent over a massive colony. That means the Canary Islanders were Imazighen - "Berbers", to y'all. Which means E-M183 means "Amazigh" and would also include the Kabyle. So there was a Moroccan / Canary / Kabyle base population, and then the Rif got the camel (as Razib notes) and . . .

I remain unsure about E-M183's brother E-M78 (the article says "sister" but we're dealing with the Y chromosome so, poor choice of words). This broke off in 8000 BC or earlier. What were the indigenous languages before the great Tamazight / Imazighen takeover? Were they Afro-Asiatic too?

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